Sharing expertise and learning from best practice

Twice a year MINDS is organizing Conferences for its members. Participants are senior managers from all relevant areas of the news agency business – board, editorial, strategy, technology, products, and sales. MINDS Conferences provide a great opportunity for networking with news agencies’ decision-makers. They are aimed for an exchange of thoughts and experiences, for getting impulses for new business as well as the chance for exploring collaboration in many ways. Even if these events are exclusive for MINDS members, third parties can join as supporters.

  • 34th MINDS Conference Madrid

    27 – 28 April 2023

    Hosted by:

    Main Topics: The impact of AI on news agencies, How to become a data-driven news agency, Ideas for generating new revenues, Best practice collaboration at MINDS

    Guest Speakers: Caro Kriel /CEO Thomson Foundation/, Grzegorz Piechota /Researcher-in-Residence INMA/, Rosalia Lloret /CEO, KP Frahm /Co-Founder and CEO Field/


  • 33rd MINDS Conference Brussels

    6 – 7 October 2022

    Hosted by:

    Main Topics: Media innovation in the EU, News agencies’ new strategies, Successful collaboration with media startups and scaleups, Partnerships with tech platforms, How editorial systems and newsrooms can support business

    Guest Speakers: Margrethe Vestager /EU Executive Vice-President and EU Commissioner for Competition/, Richard Gingras /Vice President News at Google/, Peter De Paepe /Head of VRT Sandbox & Project Lead/


  • 32nd MINDS Conference Helsinki

    28 – 29 April 2022

    Hosted by:

    Conference Website:

    Title: Stronger together – collaboration and sharing for success

    Main Topics: Successful partnerships within MINDS and beyond, Collaboration with major platforms, Newsroom evolution, The power of diversity and inclusion

    Guest Speakers: Jesper Doub /Director of News Partnerships at Meta/, Matleena Ylikoski /Researcher University of Tampere/, Dr. Annabella Bassler /CFO Ringier/


  • 31st MINDS Conference Oslo

    14 – 15 October 2021

    Hosted by: NTB

    Title: Covid-19 as am accelerator of transformation: Strategies, Innovations, lessons learnt

    Main Topics: New digital strategies,, The new work environment after the Covid pandemic, New opportunities in the sports business, New business opportunities at MINDS

    Guest Speakers: Kristin Skogen Lund /CEO of Schibsted/, Marcus Hebein /Author of the study “Newsroom in the home office”/, Andrew Moger /Executive Director – News Media Coalition/, Jesper Doub /Director of News Partnerships at Facebook/ Oyvind Brenne /Development Editor at VG/, Egil Sundvor /Sports Editor at NRK/

    Supporters: Limecraft, iMatrics

  • 30th MINDS Conference (virtual)

    19 – 23 April 2021

    Hosted by: MINDS

    Title: Emerging stronger from the crisis – new opportunities for news agencies

    Main Topics: Content for paywalls, Fact-checking, Public value of trusted news, Automation and AI, New business opportunities at MINDS

  • 29th MINDS Conference (virtual)

    08 October 2020

    Hosted by: MINDS

    Title: Virtual MINDS 2020 – Stay safe, automate, innovate!

    Main Topics: Automation and AI, MINDS Startup Challenge, Corona Impact on Media and Consequences for News Agencies

    Guest Speakers: Atte Jääskeläinen /Director General at the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, former CEO STT/, Earl Wilkinson /CEO INMA/

  • 28th MINDS Conference Sydney

    13 – 15 November 2019, Sydney

    Hosted by: AAP

    Title: Building better news agencies: Part 2 – Reimagining what we do and how we do it.

    Main Topics: Media Outlook, Long-term Strategies, Copyright Protection, Business and Pricing Models, Democracy Reporting.

    Guest Speakers: Michael McQueen /renowned futurist, strategist and multi-best selling author/, Justin Papps /Head of CMO Advisory PwC/, Dan Rosen /Chief Executive Officer ARIA/, Rick Neville /Editorial Director Newspaper Publishers’ Association/, Campbell Reid /Director of Corporate Affairs NewsCorp/, James Chessell /Group Executive Editor Nine/

    Supporters: EzyInsightsPixraySony

  • 27th MINDS Conference Lisbon

    11 – 12 April 2019, Lisbon

    Hosted by: Lusa

    Title: Building better news agencies: Part 1 – Promoting growth through diversity,
    Main Topics: Strategy, Growth and Diversity, Social Media, Trust in Media, Matchmaking session with start-and-scale ups

    Guest Speakers: Jesper Doub /Director of News Partnerships EMEA at Facebook/, Kristoffer Egeberg /Editor in Chief, Christophe Deloire /Secretary-General Reporters Without Borders/, Ulrik Haagerup /Founder and CEO Constructive Institute/

    Supporters: EzyInsightsMedia DistilleryPixray

  • 26th MINDS Conference Prague

    11 – 12 October 2018, Prague

    Hosted by: CTK

    Title: Get beyond! Data, AI and automation – the future of smart technologies

    Main Topics: Data, AI, Automation Future Editorial Systems, Robot Journalism, Performant Tagging

    Guest Speakers: Pavel Zima / Vice-Chairman of the Board & Executive Director, Claude de Loupy / Co-Founder & CEO Syllabs /

    Supporters: PixrayEzyinsighMINDS Conference Prague Program

  • 25th MINDS Conference The Hague

    19 – 20 April 2018, The Hague

    Hosted by: ANP

    Title: Back to the future! How will big data and robots change news agencies?

    Main Topics: Editorial Workflows, Robot Journalism / Artificial Intelligence, Google DNI, Data Driven Publishing, Matchmaking with Media Startups

    Guest Speaker: Fredric Karen / Editor-in-Chief of Svenska Dagbladet /

    Supporters: PDCPermission Machine

  • 24th MINDS Conference Rome

    19 – 20 October 2017, Rome

    Hosted by: ANSA

    Title: 10 years of great MINDS! Lessons learnt and how to prepare for the next decade

    Main Topics: The 10th anniversary of MINDS by taking a look at the past and in the future

    Supporter: Reporter

    Startups: ContentflowMinty, Picter, Simply Aloud

    Workshops: Three workshops linked to efficiency around MINDS’ core topics

  • 23rd MINDS Conference Zurich

    27 – 28 April 2017, Zurich

    Hosted by: SDA and Keystone

    Title: Get growth! Exploring new business in the media and beyond

    Main Topics: Exploring News Business in the Media & Beyond, Information and Intelligence to Decision Makers, Content & Services to Non-Media Publishers, New Services beyond News Content to Media

    Guest Speakers: Christian Pfister / Swiss Re (Head of Group Communications and Strategic Marketing), Jenni Sargent / First Draft (Managing Director), Brian Scanlon / Thomson Reuters (Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer), Peter Wälty / 20 Minutes/Tamedia (Digital Development)

    Supporters: Mainstream DataReporter

    Study Tour: Google European Headquarters

  • 22nd MINDS Conference Copenhagen

    20 – 21 October 2016, Copenhagen

    Hosted by: Ritzaus Bureau

    Title: Get it right! Content in context for the new audience

    Major Topics: Content in Context, Data Journalism, Analytics & Audience Engagement, Future of Agencies’ News Wire

    Guest Speakers: Nicolas Kayser-Bril / Journalism ++ (CEO), Marco Maas / Open Data City (CEO), Chris Moran / The Guardian (Head of Audience Engagement), Dietmar Schantin / Institute for Media Strategies (Founder and CEO)

    Supporters: CognitivesStoryful

    Study Tour: DR – Danish Broadcasting Corporation

  • 21st MINDS Conference New York City

    13 – 15 April 2016, New York City

    Hosted by: AP – The Associated Press

    Title: Get Smart! How to accelerate media innovation

    Major Topics: Innovation & Acceleration, Social Media

    Guest Speakers: Raju Narisetti / News Corp. (Senior Vice President, Growth & Strategy), Niketa Patel / Twitter (Partnership Manager, News), Daniel Sieberg (Global Head of Media Outreach, Google News Lab)

    Supporters: NewsWhipSourcefabric

    Study Tours: NYC Media LabThe New York TimesIBM WatsonGeneral Assembly

    1st MINDS Innovation Challenge: Columbia University students pitch ideas on how news agencies can find new uses for their content

  • 20th MINDS Conference Paris

    8 – 9 October 2015, Paris

    Hosted by: AFP – Agence France-Presse

    Title: Get Social! New media engagement and editorial transformation

    Major Topics: Social Media & the role of News Agencies (with special focus on Editorial Quality, Monitoring & Collaboration), Editorial Transformation, New Media Engagement

    Guest Speakers: George Brock / City University London (Professor of Journalism), Andrew Moger / News Media Coalition (Executive Director)

    Supporters: SAMSourcefabric

    Study Tour & Collaborative Workshops: NUMA Paris

  • 19th MINDS Conference Vienna

    19 – 20 March 2015, Vienna

    Hosted by: APA – Austria Presse Agentur

    Title: Get Mobile! The smartphone revolution … and technology solutions

    Major Topics: The Smartphone Revolution…and Technology Solutions, The Future of Mobile Content, How Technology can support News Agencies’ Business

    Guest Speakers: James McQuivey, PhD / Forrester Research (Vice-President & Principal Analyst), George Nimeh, Kurier (Chief Digital Officer)

    Supporters: imgZineIntel-Mashery

    Study Tour: Der Standard

  • 18th MINDS Conference Stockholm

    9 – 10 October 2014, Stockholm

    Hosted by: TT Nyhetsbyrån

    Title: Get Closer! Understanding the needs of our customers and their audiences

    Major Topics: Learning from Customers: the Swedish media market, Content Visualisation, new Customers in the Digital Era, Digital Analytics & Audience Engagement

    Guest Speakers: Raoul Grünthal / Schibsted Sweden (CEO), Chris Duncan / News Corp UK (CMO), Elsa Falk / Expressen (Head of Expressen TV)

    Supporters: Newzulu23 Visual

    Study Tours: AftonbladetOmni

  • 17th MINDS Conference Madrid

    10 – 11 April 2014, Madrid

    Hosted by: Agencia EFE

    Major Topics: New Customer Demand and Related Editorial & Commercial Challenges, Content Marketing, Live Reporting, Video Solutions for News Agencies, Tablets & Apps

    Supporters: RTreporterZapaday

    Study Tours: Telefónica (incl. TuentiWayra), new EFE Headquarters

    Media coverage: (in Spanish)

  • 16th MINDS Conference Berlin

    10 – 11 October 2013, Berlin

    Hosted by: dpa digital services

    Major Topics: Partnerships (with Technology Companies and Brands), Content Marketing, Editorial Workflows & Planning Tools, Social Media & User Generated Content

    Supporter: NewsAsset

    Study Tours: Axel Springer (incl. Plug & Play Accelerator), MeteoGroup

  • 15th MINDS Conference Tokyo

    9 – 12 April 2013, Tokyo

    Hosted by: Kyodo News Agency

    Major Topics: Future of Mobile Content, Digital Conversion, Services for Olympic Games and Soccer World Cup 2014, Content for Non-Media Customers, Live Reporting, Copyrights Protection, Big Data Strategies, Multi-Device & Multi-Screen Solutions

    Guest Speakers: Samsung (SVP Media), Ritsuya Oku / Dentsu Inc. (Deputy Director Media Business Innovation Department, Dentsu Innovation Institute), Shintaro Tabata / LINE Corp. (Executive Officer, Advertising Business Group General Manager)

    Supporter: Mainstream Data

    Study Tours: NTT DoCoMoNikkei

    Media Coverage: (in Swedish), (in German)

  • 14th MINDS Conference Brussels

    4 – 5 October 2012, Brussels

    Hosted by: Belga News Agency

    Main Topics: Copyrights, Media Services for a Political Environment, Open Public Data, Editorial Planning Tools, Multi-National Content Packages from MINDS Agencies, Live Reporting, Paid Content Strategies

    Guest Speakers: Gregor Waller / WAN-IFRA (Senior Consultant), Richard Withey / Newspaper Licensing Agency (Chairman), various leading European Commission representatives

    Supporter: noodls

    Study Tours: European Commission

  • 13th MINDS Conference Moscow 

    15 – 16 March 2012, Moscow 

    Hosted by: RIA Novosti

    Major Topics: Future Role of News Agencies, Workflow Integration, Advanced Content Tagging, Data Analytics, Live Reporting, Copyrights Management

    Guest Speakers: Ken Doctor / Media Analyst, Srinandan Kasi / NewsRight (CEO)

    Supporter: Scribble Live

    Study Tours: Kommersant

    Media Coverage:

  • 12th MINDS Conference Warsaw

    6 – 7 October 2011, Warsaw

    Hosted by: PAP – Polska Agencja Prasowa

    Major Topics: Editorial Systems, Editorial Workflows Optimization, APIs, Social Media, Ready-Made Pages, Sports Databases, Financial News 

    Guest Speakers: Apple representative, Juan Antonio Giner / Innovation Media Consulting (President & Founder), Ludwik Sobolewski / President (Warsaw Stock Exchange)

    Study Tours: Agora

  • 11th MINDS Conference London

    17 – 18 March 2011, London

    Hosted by: PA – Press Association

    Major Topics: E-Publishing Strategies, iPad Solutions, Services for Olympic Games 2012, Linked Data, Social Media Monitoring, Citizen Journalism

    Guest Speakers: Facebook (Head of Business Development Int.), Ken Doctor / Media Analyst

    Study Tours: BBC

  • 10th MINDS Conference Hamburg

    6 – 8 October 2010, Hamburg

    Hosted by: dpa – Deutsche Presse-Agentur

    Major Topics: Paid Content, Pricing and Tariffing, E-Publishing (iPad Solutions), Open Data, Local Content Strategies, Social Media, Editorial Systems, Planning Tools, Data Journalism, Weather Services

    Guest Speakers: Florian Bauer / Vocatus (CEO), Ulrich Hegge / Media Consultant, Michael Steidl / IPTC (Managing Director)

    Study Tours: WAN-IFRA

  • 9th MINDS Conference Oslo

    18 – 19 March 2010, Oslo

    Hosted by: NTB – Norsk Telegrambyrå

    Major Topics: Social Media Strategies, Joint Facebook Fanpage, Ad-linked Busines Models, Sports Databases, iApps, E-Readers

    Guest Speakers: Geir Engen / Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association

    Study Tours: Schibsted

  • 8th MINDS Conference Paris

    8 – 9 October 2009, Paris

    Hosted by: AFP – Agence France-Presse

    Major Topics: Google, iPhone / Smartphone Applications, Shops, E-Reading, Geocoding, Copyright protection

    Study Tours: Orange

  • 7th MINDS Conference Lisbon

    5 – 6 March 2009, Lisbon

    Hosted by: LUSA – Agência de Notícias de Portugal

    Major Topics: E-Revenues, Editorial Planning Tools, Mobile Portal Strategies, Advertising, Video Streaming, Live Coverage

    Guest Speakers: Nicolas Frenay / Vodtec (Managing Partner)

    Study Tours: Ydreams

  • 6th MINDS Conference New York

    2 – 3 October 2008, New York City

    Hosted by: AP – Associated Press

    Major Topics: Mobile Platforms, Editorial Systems, Advertising Markets, Services for Major International Events, Solution for Silverlight and Flash, Weather Applications, Mobilie Marketing

    Study Tours: New York Times

  • 5th MINDS Conference Prague

    13 – 14 March 2008, Prague

    Hosted by: CTK – Česká Tisková Kancelář

    Major Topics: Video Collaboration, Advanced Search Technologies, Election Services, Digital Signages

    Guest Speaker: Rainer Mittelbach / IFRA (CEO)

  • 4th MINDS Conference Helsinki

    13 – 14 September 2007, Helsinki

    Hosted by: STT-Lehtikuva

    Major Topics: Video (Platform, Collaboration), Media Archives and Search Enginges, Ready-Made Pages, Services for UEFA EURO 2008, Future of Mobiles

    Official Foundation of MINDS International e.V. in its current form as Non-profit Organisation

    Guest Speakers: Mark Selby / Nokia (Vice President Multimedia)

    Study Tours: Nokia

  • 3rd MINDS Conference Zurich

    25 – 26 January, Zurich

    Hosted by: sda – Schweizerische Depeschenagentur

    Major Topics: Young Readers, Cross-Media Publishing, Geo Tagging, Services for UEFA EURO 2008, Digital Signage

    Guests: Representatives of 6 future MINDS news agencies

    Study Tours: Keystone

  • 2nd MINDS Conference Amsterdam

    15 – 16 September 2006, Amsterdam

    Hosted by: ANP – Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau

    Major Topics: Mobile Platforms, Infographics, Live Reporting, Video Platform

  • 1st MINDS Conference Darmstadt

    Spring 2006, Darmstadt

    Hosted by: MINDS

    Major Topics: Vision of MINDS

What our Supporters say:

“Thanks again for inviting us as a supporter for the MINDS conference. We have 5 specific questions for demo’s potentially leading to projects similar to AP, which I consider an excellent result.”

— Maarten Verwaest, CEO and Founder, Limecraft

“Having the benefit of really being in the center of ideas, visions, and knowledge of press agencies is an excellent way to learn about their work, goals, and challenges. We had a great time, met many interesting people, and got several exciting leads ahead.”

— Fredrik Lundberg, Senior Marketing and Sales Developer, iMatrics

“Participating in the MINDS conference was not just an excellent opportunity to present our services but also a unique chance to gather a first-hand impression of the challenges and developments in today’s news agency business. I was impressed by the productive and transparent style of the participants.”

— Dennis Wetzig, CEO and Co-Founder, Pixray

“The MINDS Conference offered unparalleled access to some of the top executives in the Newswires across the world. The collaborative and open nature of the conference gave us the opportunity to have productive discussions with commercial and editorial leaders in the industry.”

— Tom Spencer, CoFounder, Cognitives

“The MINDS Conference in Paris gave us the opportunity not only to be in contact with the executives of one of our core target groups but also to learn about the topics they are most interested in or concerned about. We had high-quality leads and discussions, also from companies we didn’t expect it from. We are confident to build long-term relationships with several of your member organisations and would be very happy to be reinvited.”

— Sava Tatic, Managing Director, Sourcefabric