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MINDS International is a global network of leading news agencies collaborating in new media business on a top executive level. The aim of MINDS is to support the digital development of news agencies and the media industry in general.

As non-profit organisation MINDS gives its members access to valuable know-how and innovative products for their clients. MINDS acts as a research and development unit for its partners by centrally pooling knowledge. MINDS regularly cross-links senior managers from all areas of its member agencies, also involving interesting media and technology companies.


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33rd MINDS Conference Brussels


  • Media innovation in the EU
  • News agencies’ new strategies
  • Successful collaboration with media startups and scaleups
  • Partnerships with tech platforms
  • How editorial systems and newsrooms can support business


  • Margrethe Vestager /EU Executive Vice-President and EU Commissioner for Competition/
  • Richard Gingras /Vice President News at Google/
  • Speaker from public Flemish Broadcaster to be announced